Michael “Vsauce”: Forgotten questions answered on YouTube

Learning is growth. Learning is like breathing. Learning is better than earning: Just some suggestions by Google autocomplete for “Learning is”. For sure, learning new things, getting answers to burning questions, adding another tiny piece to the gigantic puzzle called „understanding the world“ is a fool-proof way to feel the satisfaction of overcoming limits – every day. And nothing makes learning more satisfying than an inspiring, entertaining teacher who brings up questions we wouldn’t even dare to ask and leaves us flabbergasted with breathtakingly sophisticated answers. One of the internet’s favourite teachers will speak at TEDxVienna „Unlimited“ in November: Michael „Vsauce“ Stevens – the guy that explained to the world why we have two nostrils, what one could do without a brain and if we will ever run out of new music.

“I wish I’d known that before”

Our world is amazing” – that’s the motto of trained psychologist Michael Stevens, and his superpower is to listen to questions, especially when nobody asks them. Because we stopped wondering about certain things while growing up: “How big can a person get?“. Because we accepted that wondering about certain things only leaves us confused and unsatisfied: “Is your Red the same as my Red?“. Because we learned that there are certain things one just doesn’t say: “Why don’t we taxidermy humans?” And because there are questions that seem so far-fetched that we would never expect an informative explanation: “Why don’t any animals have wheels?
On his YouTube-channel Vsauce, Michael answers questions like these in videos of approximately 10 minutes length, and more often than not his explanations leave you mind-blown with a taste of “I-wish-I’d-known-that-before”.

VSauce at TEDxVienna UNLIMITED

And just as great teachers deserves, Michael has a faithful community of followers, who already promised via Twitter to come and finally see him outside Youtube, in real life, at TEDxVienna „Unlimited“ at the Volkstheater on November 2nd, alongside many other great speakers. Tickets are on sale already – so get ready for a journey to limits, inspiring talks and a lot of entertainment. Because, actually, the first suggestion by Google autocomplete for learning is: „Learning is fun“.

“Unlimited” at TEDxVienna on November 2nd

To get the chance to listen to and meet Vsauce in person register now for our 2013 conference taking place on the 2nd of November in the Volkstheater Vienna. A line-up of 15 international speakers, live music acts, exhibitions and hands-on experiences await you, so grab your early bird ticket now!

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