The Inspiration Wave That Splashed Me @ Music Innovation Meetup

From time to time we all become accustomed to our usual routines and at some point in time realize that we are missing inspiration.

The Bloggers Team of TEDxVienna is always on the search for some extra inspiration (both for the community and for us personally). Therefore it was very exciting for us to get a chance to participate at the ‘after-hours’ satellite event of the Pioneers 2017 festival – “The ultimate meeting point for tech founders, innovation executives & investors to build partnerships and shape the future”.

The Music Innovation Meetup (satellite event of the Pioneers 2017) took place last Thursday at the Expat Center of the Vienna Business Agency and it filled me with a wave of inspiration, which I was craving for. I have also never expected to get home from a Music Innovation Meetup with deep and provoking questions in mind.

From the moment I entered the venue, the event had a special, cozy and family-like atmosphere. There were no chairs, no special order, just a bunch of passionate, creative people standing in the crowd. This meant that the whole event got a completely different dimension, the focus was solely on the content, on the pure exchange of thoughts and getting to know each other in a very relaxed atmosphere..

The speakers lineup was eye-catching from the very beginning: from the Co-founder of Shazam, Chris Barton, to Andreas Mahringer, Co-Founder & CEO of Record Bird, David Choi, Co-Founder & CEO CoolJamm (a South Korean Startup), and finally to Seda Röder, who likes to call herself a creative musician.


So how did the speakers manage to inspire the public?


There are 2 key lessons that I took home with me after the event:



Instead of talking how great his idea/company was/is or how great of a businessman he is, in his humble speech, Chris Barton (Co-founder of Shazam) did something unexpected and used his 10 minutes to talk about GRATITUDE.

How grateful he is for working in the first core team of Shazam (team of 4), their first office in Soho in London and their first check of 250.000 USD received from Shazam’s first investor, Brent Townshend.

Chris also shared how grateful he is for the very first creative processes of building Shazam: its name, customer experience and the technical invention (when they set out, nobody thought it would be possible to build an app which would be able to recognize music).

Finally, Chris expressed gratitude for all the FUN he’d had throughout the process of creating something new, and for what Shazam has done for the music industry, including the artists and consumers.


                   Which things are you grateful for? Do you feel grateful every day?




Seda Röder was the final keynote speaker who opened her speech with a simple but provocative question:


’Do you feel like you are living up to your full potential?


After a few seconds of disbelief and consideration, there was not a single hand raised to answer affirmatively to that question.

Seda shared her story with us, on how throughout the years she felt like something was missing, as if everything she was doing could potentially be better, more fulfilling.

It wasn’t until the birth of her baby that she realized what she was missing – and it was simply CREATIVITY.

Watching children play and observing how simple items are seen from a child’s perspective inspired Seda to start doing the same herself. Because who says that the plate needs to be used for eating? Just like a child would maybe use a plate to dig a whole in the ground, Seda got inspired with this kind of subjective understanding of “things”. She decided to use plates and other kitchen material for composing innovative music and mixing it up with her classical piano plays.

And that is exactly the point of everything! Human beings are made to be curious, innovative, using their hands and brains to build and create. Various researches have proven that the process of creating produces more hormones of happiness than almost anything else.


Do you remember how happy you were as a kid when you built something on your own? Do you know that feeling today when you use your own hands to create or produce something?


So, folks, take that scrapbook, coloring book, scroll through various online DIY videos and simply challenge your brain to create something – it will be the cheapest and best therapy for your brain and wellbeing that you have ever experienced.


*The TEDxVienna Bloggers Team thanks for the opportunity to attend the event and is looking forward to the new exciting opportunities!

Some impressions from the Meetup: foto credits: Natalia Sanderson

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