The development of a new species – Homo Evolutis


Did it ever occur to you that you have less time than you’ve had 10 years ago?

While emphasizing our constant need for control (of the schedule, of our lives, of nature and basically, of our planet) things have developed into this fast need for INSTANITY that keeps us from facing realities stranger than we thought. Is this something that came up in our genes or is it just that the course of a day in the year 2012 has changed so radically from one in 2002?


Although it is quite hard to answer this question, chances are that we’re experiencing evolution in real time. We’re transitioning as a species and moving from the observance of our environment to the control of our own species and of all the objects that surround it.

According to Juan Enriquez, engineering life is a revolution on its own and will cause other industrial and digital revolutions. Due to new genomics technologies and the lower costs that occur when using them, scientists have not only been able to read organisms’ genomes faster than ever before, they can also write increasingly complex changes into those genomes, creating organisms with new capabilities. This means that the genes required for a male athlete to succeed at an Olympics will soon be available for your children.


So we CAN control everything. The question is: do we want to? The following video will take up 16 minutes of your day, but watch it just so you can see for yourself where things are heading towards and what you can do about it:

Header Image(s) from Pixabay & Gratisography

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