Ode to Viennese nights 2

Tungsten lights, white and colourful neon; people working and people sleeping; lit buildings and dark pathways; empty streets and bus stops. Bikes locked to street lamps, telephone booths and cigarette machines. Viennese nights are visually stunning. Streets are paved with colours, contrasts, textures and gradients. Objects unnoticed during daytime become a spectacle after sunset.

A TEDxVienna article has already pointed out the dangers of light pollution in regards to Austria’s capital city. With that in mind, Vienna’s relationship with artificial lighting is on the verge of being a vice. It might be considered excessive, unnecessary, unhealthy. Unfortunately, that’s inherent to vices. Enough pleasure is provided to subdue any rational concerns. Vienna is nothing short of breathtaking during daytime. However, its nocturnal alter ego provides many different stories and attractions which can go unnoticed during the day.

Photography: Radu Mester

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About Radu Mester

A film studies graduate, photographer and metathinker, Radu is interested in topics regarding choices, optimization and mindfulness.

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