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On The Edge

20 speakers. 20 TEDxTalks.

20 stories you have never heard before.

5 performances to give your mind a break, and 16 interactive stations to exercise it to its ultimate limits.

This TEDxVienna conference won’t be like the ones before.

For 2017, our team aimed to shine some light on innovations so futuristic, so far away from our -and your- comfort zone, that they become visible only when taking a step towards the verge of nowadays’ mainstream.

A step closer towards the edge.

This is why this year’s conference is not only about the speakers. It is what the attendees will make of their TEDx Talks. It’s about the emotions triggered by evolutionary psychologist Dave Buss, the vivid discussions shaped around Asha Siad’s multimedia journalism, the critical reflections upon Dean Bunomano’s suggestion that the brain is a time machine.

But not only the speakers will tell you stories that will confuse, challenge, disturb and move you; Emerge into the world of emotion robotics, unforgettable VR driving experiences and scientific breakthroughs during the breaks! Oh, and don’t forget to stop by the Bloggers’ Corner if you want to meet other inspired (and inspirational) attendees at our Speed Debating. Or if you wish to have a chat with our speakers.


Eveything you are excited about can be found here by the way.

So in case you have already attended past TEDxVienna conferences: This one will be different.

And in case this is your first time: see you again next year.

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