J. Drori and L. Schwartzenberg: Pollen and Pollinators

Winter is here and we are all preparing for the upcoming festivities. It might seem that we are the only ones that are celebrating in a city doused in blinky lights, but the natural world continues to thrive and explode into new life somewhere else on our planet. All thanks to the work of the some of the smallest living things to which we owe our apples, oranges, trees, grasses, and the beauty of nature.

Jonathan Drori describes some of the microscopic science behind the pollen grain taking us from an artistic perspective to forensics, while Louie Schwartzenberg uncovers the fast paced life and the beauty of pollinators.

Here’s to a bit of color for the grey days ahead!


Header Image(s) from Pixabay & Gratisography

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