Quixotic Fusion: Dancing with light

Summer and sun, music, high temperatures, warm rain drops of sudden summer storms, beautiful sunrises, great summer evenings, delicious cold and tasty ice cream and music are raising our mood, make us happy and are so typical for this season. We are talking about summer. Lying on a blanket at the pool, at the seaside or at a lake, looking up and watching the clouds transforming into different figures – maybe into an elephant or a house or a sheep – or looking up a tree, seeing how a mild summer breeze makes the leaves dance in the bright light of the sun, creating a vision of your own summer light circus. That all is summer. That all makes us feel summerly. Quixotic Fusion is an ensemble of artists that brings together aerial acrobatics, dance, theater, film, music. They dance with the light like the leaves of a tree on a summer day.

Summer worth sharing!


Header Image(s) from Pixabay & Gratisography

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