Ready, steady, INSTANITY!

The countdown starts! Two days left until this years’ TedxVienna Instanity! We already feel the excitement in the air, what about you? Not yet, then let’s go through the highlights of the day:

Welcome to TedxVienna 2012, INSTANITY

The doors of the Odeon Theater, our host venue for the event, open up at 9:00 a.m. for a welcoming session where you will get your badge & programme and will be invited to participate in our book swap. To make sure you’re all awake and ready to get going, our friends from Coffeeshop Company and Ströck will power you up with the best coffee and snacks in town. Now you’re all geared up for Instanity!

Book Swap 

Sharing is caring and it’s even more thoughtful when it involves books! All you need to do is bring a book worth sharing, leave it at the entrance and we’ll make sure it will end up on somebody else’s shelves! You too will have the chance to pick up a new book out of the book swap booth. An instane dedication for its new owner will make the experience even cooler!

Ideas worth sharing in 3 minutes

We know you’ve got what it takes to become a speaker: an idea, motivation and courage! So that’s how we support you: share your idea in 3 minutes in front of the camera we have prepared especially for you at the event, we’ll spread it around the TEDxVienna community after the event and they will decided which one is worth taking the stage at one of our upcoming events! So let the instane ideas flow!

Speaker Line-up

The speakers will then hit the ground running under the guidance of Markus Mooslechner, the host of the event. He will break the ice at 10:30 am and then give the stage to Federico Pistono, author, social entrepreneur, scientific educator, activist, blogger, and aspiring filmmaker to explore the impact that technological advances have on our lives. Dr. Julia Pitters, Assistant Professor at Webster University, takes the lead on technological achievements and happiness followed by Georg Holzer, author of the Austrian project and winner of numerous prizes in journalism. Tom Bieling – a design researcher with major focus on interaction will investigates on the coherence between design and disability.

After the first break, Albert Frantz, pianist and entrepreneur will grasp on his passion for music and teaching. Next in line is Dr. John L. Casti, a researcher focusing on anticipation of extreme events like the crash of the internet or an outbreak of a global pandemic. Wolfie Christl takes over. He is a web developer, artist and net activist who started in 2011 the project Data Dealer, a social game on collecting, combining and selling personal data. Back in 2010 we presented a 3D printing machine, 2011 we had the smallest 3D printer in the world and this year Jan Torgersen will talk about the fastest nano 3D printer on earth. Closing this session will be Kyle Ruddick the creator of the outstanding One Day On Earth film project.

Last session brings on stage Heather Kelley (@PerfectPlum) a media artist, curator, and game designer and one of 2011’s thirty most influential women in technology. Dorian Crede  follows her with his vision of making credit ratings of countries transparent through Wikirating. Next in line, Niall Murphy, will give his perspective on INSTANITY, as founder of the Internet of Things. Last, but not least, Ed Neumeister will have a final word, we are very excited to hear. He performed and recorded with artists like Frank Sinatra, Aretha Franklin, Ella Fitzgerald and arranged music for films like Inception, Sherlock Holmes, The Dark Knight Rises.

For the international speaker’s comfort, our partner The Ring Vienna’s Casual Luxury Hotel  is in charge,  so we can definitely guarantee they will be in their best shape!

Conference activities

Your dose of INSTANITY will be supplied by a bunch of brilliant breakthrough technologies you’ll be able to personally experience, because we know you: you want everything now!

Our friends from Metalab, Vienna’s most awesome hackerplace and tech hub, will take you to the world of creative technology: from arty 3D printed objects and solarroboflowers to ScreenInvaders and many more. You’ll be hacked by inspiration!

Ever wondered when the time will come for you to shake hands with an autonomous humanoid robot? Saturday, it is! Aldebaran Robotics’ next stop in their 2012 world tour is TEDxVienna and they’ll introduce you to NAO, their programmable, 57-cm tall humanoid robot.

From humanoid robots that might one day control more of our lives than we want them to, you’ll get also the other side of the story: the brain computer interface (BCI). Our friends from g.tec will explain and demonstrate how this time we get empowered by our own thoughts. BCI explores the electric brain’s potential to manipulate computers and machinery with nothing more than a thought.

Nowadays most of the things we want are a touch away and John Robie knows how to make out of this experience something unforgettable. At the TEDxVienna Instanity event  on Saturday you’ll learn a new way of interacting with computers and digital content and trust us, you’ll be delighted!

We’re also honored to host the launching of a new tool developed by our friends from Super-fi at the event: the Politometer! It arrives at an index measuring performances within social networks based on algorithms of the Social Media Ranking. Discover everything about it on Saturday!

Our friends from All I need, Heineken, Kochabo and Ströck will make sure to bring in their best and keep you fit, fresh and happy throughout the whole event! So all you need to worry about is making the best out of the Instanity experience! And don’t forget before you go, to grab one of our goodie-bags that were awesomely designed by housemaedchen.

Live Streaming

Since we are all about sharing, we will be live streaming the event. On Saturday, 3rd of November, access our main page and that is where you’ll find the link for the live stream! You can watch it there or share it on your website, blog or any other social media! Take for instance Wirtschaftsblatt, they’re going to stream the event live and Standard will live-tweet from the event! Enjoy!

After Party

And when you thought the fun was over, we have reserved the Holy Moly restaurant of Badeschiff Vienna to continue the networking session and the party! We bring in the fun, so this time we won’t cover the expenses!

We did our job, it’s your turn now: Share with us your expectations, your excitement and ideas! See you this Saturday!


Header Image(s) from Pixabay & Gratisography

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