Recapping the recaps – who was OUT THERE at TEDxVienna 2016?

2016 was the year when TEDxVienna experimented with different styles of the TEDx talks. The classical talk format was switched for an interview with Joshua Beckford, a today 14 year old boy with autism who at the age of 6 was the youngest to attend Oxford.

Urbanist Eugene Quinn, on the other hand, walked and talked. In contrast to the typical TEDx presentation, where the speaker limits his or her moves to the stage, Eugene began his talk outdoors. A live feed allowed the audience to follow his walk and simultaneous talk all the way from Museumsquartier to the TEDxVienna stage in Volkstheater.

Other inspiring topics at OUT THERE included a scientific approach to the paranormal, time traveling, magic, conversion of a presidential debate into music, a Falafelloeffel poem and much much more. The full event recap is OUT THERE 😉


Is a TEDx event only about entertainment or what do people get out of a TEDxVienna event? If you are a TEDxVienna, or TEDx, conference virgin, that might be a burning question for you. If you are a seasoned attendee, you might be able to answer this question for yourself but might still be curious to hear about the takeaways of others. 

In order to learn more about what brings people to events such as TEDx conferences, we interviewed some Humans of “OUT THERE”.


If you think that this sounds interesting, you should know that…

yes, there are still a few tickets available for this year’s TEDxVienna event ‘About Time’! We look forward to seeing you on 19.10.19!!

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