Recapping the recaps – how edgy was “On The Edge”?

Have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes of a (TEDxVienna) conference? What is going on at the same time as the talks, the performances, the coffee and lunch breaks…? In the event recap from 2017’s TEDxVienna conference “On The Edge”, Verena gave some sneak peeks into what happens behind the scenes and how the teams of Speaker Liaisons, Event Management, Tech and Camera, Creatives, Bloggers and Social Media all help run the show.

One of the “On The Edge” speakers was Jake Roper, a science communicator and the host of a YouTube channel called Vsauce3. In his TEDx talk, he talked about our digital vs. our real life selves and the overlap of these worlds. He posed controversial questions like “What do we decide to share about ourselves and what do we hold back”? and “Do we stop existing if we stop posting online”?


After his talk, we also had a chat with him about scientific literacy, its role today, how scientifically literate the general public should be and the importance of science communication.

If you think that this sounds interesting, you should know that…

yes, there are still a few tickets available for this year’s TEDxVienna event ‘About Time’! We look forward to seeing you on 19.10.19!!


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