Recapping the recaps – looking back at past TEDxVienna conferences

Maybe you are a regular here at the blog or at our TEDxVienna conferences and consider yourself quite the TEDxVienna pro. In that case, here is a great opportunity for you to walk down the memory lane. Please read on. 😉

Alternatively, maybe you are new to TEDxVienna, or TEDx for that matter, and might be wondering “What is a TEDxVienna conference about anyway?” “How does it work?” “What will I get out of it?” “How does it work behind the scenes?” Well, wonder no more. Here is the prefect mini blogpost-series for you! Every week, starting from the 26.09.2019, until our 10 year anniversary conference About Time, we will repost an event-recap-post from a previous year, so stay tuned!

These event recap posts might shine some light on what a TEDxVienna conference can look like, what happens there and inspire you to join us. They can also bring back beautiful memories for all of you amazing souls that help us make these events really special!

Let’s kick this off by looking back at last years conference, which was themed “SIMPLEXITY”.

This particular SIMPLEXITY talk is about letters and words, and mostly about life and opportunities. It is a story of utopian nature which presents a new writing system: Aravrit, hybrid letters merging Hebrew and Arabic. Each new letter is composed of a top part of an Arabic letter and a bottom part of a Hebrew letter. Thus, allowing people in Israel to read the language that they feel most comfortable with, without ignoring the other one, which is always present.

But before you go, you should know…

That… yes, there are still a few tickets available. So if this sounds like your cup of tea, it’s ‘About Time’ you joined us! We look forward to seeing you on the 19.10.19!!

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Natalia Sanderson

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