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30% of all Google searches, about 300 million per month, are employment related. People are constantly on the search for new jobs and in times of acceleration of virtually everything the generation Y seems to move faster from job to job as every before. For a company this means to make their hiring process as fast and efficient as they can. But what does it mean for the applicant? Going through tedious assessment processes, standardized rejection letters and ultimately wasting time and energy?

We have found a company based in Vienna who envisions the act of recruitment a little different: fun & beneficial for both sides!

How? This we asked Andreea Hronec from CREATE.21st century.


What is the biggest challenge when hiring new employees?

Andreea: Recruiting was for a long time perceived as a linear, frustrating assessment process. The applicants had to undergo many processes, including tests and interviews until they got a job offer. Most of them eventually after months of preparation and struggle got standard rejections which increased their frustration and contributed to developing negative sentiments. Who wouldn’t be frustrated after investing so much time without even receiving a worthy feedback? On the other hand, we have to consider that the recruiters are under pressure and have to be as efficient as possible, so for them standard rejections are cost and time saving. Therefore, we asked ourselves, is there a way to satisfy both parts and get the best out and for these two worlds? And we came up with our RECRUTATION concept.

Can you briefly introduce your company and how you are tackling the problem of efficient recruiting?

Andreea: With RECRUTATION CREATE century, one of the top companies in the German Speaking region in the field of Learning, Design & Development in cooperation with LIFE CREATOR represented by Mr. Heinz Herczeg moves the focus on the individuals, on offering them a safe gamified environment where they can challenge and test themselves. Throughout the process learning happens in such a subtle way that it is perceived like an experience. Why? Because RECRUTATION involves emotions and includes dramaturgical and motivational triggers, and above all, offers the appreciated and desired transparency of action, consequence and performance feedback. Users can stop whenever they want and can continue at a convenient time.


What is the difference of RECRUTATION and the conventional hiring strategies?

Andreea: The main difference between RECRUTATION and conventional hiring strategies is that for RECRUTATION the potential and the personality, as well as providing orientation and enabling motivating and engaging learning experiences are the focus.
Servicing the users and potential applicants by providing them some know-how and company information, helps create a positive emotional connection, even though the process does not necessarily finalize with actually obtaining a job at this respective company. This is the real Employer Branding 2.0 achieved through Relationship Marketing …regarding every applicant as if he would be a customer in need of service as well. This approach connected with a social media campaign such as sharing the RECRUTATION challenge results on Facebook and recommend them to friends will lead to much larger pool of suitable potential candidates for companies. Big international companies such as L’oreal or Marriot are already implementing this successful method, however the focus is more on entertainment than on education.
CREATE.21century and Life CREATOR go one level further and highlight the importance of education, not only as an employer branding tool, but also in order to enable a qualitative cost efficient recruiting process and even a shorter onboarding process of the chosen candidates.

What is the advantage of RECRUTATION for the company and the applicant?

Andreea: The main advantage for the companies is that through the RECRUTATION approach, they have to possibility to evaluate at a much deeper level the competences and potential of the future employees and the opportunity costs of a wrong decision. But not only….by providing them with information about the company’s culture, mission and vision, but also with real profile-related challenges, companies create valuable learning experiences which will significantly reduce the onboarding process when the person is actually hired. The emotional connection, through the extremely motivating challenges and feedback is priceless and will play a very important role in the further development process. If however, the applicant is not hired and instead of getting a standard rejection, he receives a better understanding of his own competences and expectations through the job-challenges, his sentiments towards the company are still positive. Being able to offer this appreciative service represents a real EMPLOYER BRANDING 2.0.

Anything you want to add?

Andreea: If you are interested to see more examples and find out more about RECRUTATION, please visit CREATE.21century and Life CREATOR at the Personal Austria 2015, 4-5 of November, Stand D18 or contact them on


Thanks Andreea for taking time and sharing a new way for efficient and satisfying hiring!



Image kindly provided by CREATE.21st century

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