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This month our blog is all about the edge. Right now it feels like our society is on the edge of deciding what world we want to live in and what world we want to leave behind. A big challenge we are facing right now is waste. Strangely we seem to be fine with wasting quite a lot of things: time, money and food, for example. While the world won’t end because you decided to waste an entire day on binge-watching your favorite TV show, wasting the precious snacks you have stored in your fridge or cupboard might. So this month we want to provide you with some ideas worth spreading on how you can reduce your food waste from the comfort of your home!

About Sharing and Caring

This might be old, but still gold! The easiest way to avoid wasting food is to share it. Whether you share it with family, roommates, partners, tinder-dates or neighbors doesn’t really matter. You will not only reduce waste but you will gain joy. Food brings people together! And if you are feeling particularly anti-social this month, there are open fridges all over town. Just in case you “accidently” bought the family pack of cookies because it was “cheaper” or decided to spontaneously go on a trip after doing a week’ worth of shopping!

Hosting and Composting


A great way to reduce food waste is to compost. There are two super easy ways to compost your organic food waste. Either you can freeze your food waste to avoid bad smell and then take it to your local organic trash bin. Or you can host a few worms in your kitchen by using a so-called “Wurmkiste”. We were lucky enough to get to know the team from “Wurmkiste” and their worms at our last TEDxVienna conference and can absolutely vouch for them being good company! The worms live in a box, which can also function as an extra seat at your dinner table and compost almost half a kilo of trash each day. So if worms are not wasting any time and trash, neither should you!

A photographic memory

We are used to taking pictures after we cooked our food, so why not try before? Unless you live on 221B Baker Street and are able to build your own mind-fridge, it might be super helpful to take a picture of your fridge before you leave in the morning. This way you will know exactly what you already have at home and avoid buying the 19358th mozzarella because you were sure that you ate salad Caprese yesterday and the day before. Time is a blur, when you follow up on our next ideas:

Spice up your life!

it’s cocktail hour!

If you are lucky enough to have fresh herbs in a garden or on a balcony, follow our instructions on how not to waste herbs: Freeze, Dry or Infuse!
After cutting down your herbs or buying a bundle of peppermint on the market, try to either dry your herbs and turn them into tea or to freeze them in ice cube trays so you can cool and mix your mojito at the same time. If you are time and waste efficient, you can directly turn them into good herbal infused liquor a.k.a. Kräuterschnaps!


The last piece of advice we want to give you: We not only have just one planet, we also only have one life. Don’t force yourself to do anything you don’t enjoy. Every little thing you do to make this world a better place, is actually making the world a better place. No matter how small you might think it is.


Very special thanks to our Graphic Designer Maggie Stern, who only used recycled resources to create the beautiful pictures for this article!

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