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Do you remember the last time that you actually took a pen and a sheet of paper in your hands and wrote something? You don’t? Me neither. How about taking a piece of paper to draw something, as an expression of your own feelings? Or maybe to paint something? No? And to think that nowadays even the grocery shop lists are now updated within the apps on our phones…

Vanessa Kisuule, the spoken word artist and writer, reminded us of this phenomenon during her speech at the TEDxVienna 2015. She also reminded us that the reason why people love poetry is its pure honesty – something that we do not see every day on TV, online articles or on YouTube…

But why do we see it less and less of poetry then? Even schools are reducing the amount of classes dedicated to music, arts and craftsmanship. Will creative subjects and hobbies be completely lost and forgotten in the future?

Nobody knows where the fast, exponential technological advantage is going to take us in five, ten, 20 years. Maybe robots will take our jobs one day. And maybe they will develop so much that somehow they will be able to take the jobs of writers, authors and poets too. But will they ever be able to produce and write emotions?

Just try and remember how much joy you had while painting and creating as a child, not being limited by any borders and boundaries.

We should all be reminded of that, and eventually learn -again- to create. Not for knowledge. Or for the economy or politics or for the greater good. Simply for ourselves.

“In today’s world, we need arts more than ever. Lets keep what makes us human in this increasingly alienating world.”

Let us go back to our roots. Let us resurrect and become poets again. Let us not allow technology to erode the connection to ourselves…and to what, at the end of the day, makes us human.

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