Brighten up the night and your ride: Revolights

As is known, riding bikes is an enjoyable, fast and healthy way to come around the city or countryside. Especially healthy, as long as you got a clear sight and aren’t overlooked by motorists crossing your path. In order to ride your bicycle safely on the streets, three friends now come up with Revolights, a breakthrough LED solution.

The idea to bring up an alternative lighting system to reflecting gears and head lights came to inventor Kent Frankovich as he rode his bike in the dark. His head lights were much too far away from the ground to illuminate his path clearly and additionally he knew that he had no side visibility at all. Time to bring up a (stylish) solution to make the ride more safely. Check it out!


The system uses a tiny magnet installed on the bike’s fork that interacts with the electronic system in the rim. By measuring the speed at which the wheels are turning, it then tells the LEDs based on an algorithm where to turn on the lights. Power is supplied via a thin wire to the hub where a USB rechargeable battery is held in a special bracket.

After successfully raising funds thru a campain on Kickstarter, they have the 4th design version completed. In order to get it to a production ready status they give it a finishing these days. Hungry bakers and bikers spread all over the world awaiten this revolutionairy lightening system onto the streets by March: Finally having lighting and sighting functions perfectly combined and ready for everyone.

Stay tuned for furhter developments and updates on the project: website, facebook and twitter.


 Header Image(s) from Pixabay & Gratisography
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