Save-the-date: A Brave New Space awaits you

Drum-roll please: We are happy to officially announce the 2014 TEDxVienna annual conference: TEDxVienna Brave New Space.

Yup, it’s here. TEDxVienna is back with our best event yet. Building upon the knowledge and experience gained at last year’s conference Unlimited, we’ll take one step further into seeking new options and spaces we can enter and explore.

We only exist because of evolution. Established patterns and cycles are ingrained in our very fiber, and nature decides who we are, what we do and where we are heading. We are told to follow the course of the universe, adjust to what we already know, and keep to these expectations.

In order to let go of our current pattern of answers we need to let go of our expectations and begin to ask new questions and we have the audacity to ask these questions.

Is it possible to break away from these designs and discover new, yet unseen spaces?

Can we readjust our course pattern and discover new routes, new frontiers, new currents, new goals?

Can we steer evolution in our own personal direction and reshape our narrative?

Can we fight against the passive roles that we often unwittingly follow?


Together with extraordinary speakers we will tackle possible answers to these questions and you’ll be part of figuring out the new paths in our evolution. Check out here the first three speakers to address the extension of the human body’s capabilities, luminaries and the capacity of our society not to forget what it has only experienced through media and inherited cultural trauma.

Keep following us here, on FacebookTwitter and Instagram because we’ll soon reveal the other amazing speakers you’ll share this new journey of discovering a Brave New Space with.


When? 1st of November, 2014.

Where? Volkstheater Wien

So, let’s continue the adventure together, for those who attended last year’s conference and for those of you who are brand new to TEDxVienna’s brave endeavors, don’t waste any time, join the ride!

It’s up to us to decide which direction humanity will take in the Brave New Space that is the 21st century.

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