Sell a life: at what price?

Sometimes we all feel that the Earth seems to be turning in an opposite direction to us and get the urge of packing it all. Home, job, the city we live in. But actually going through with it? That takes guts. At this year’s TEDxVienna conference, “Unlimited”, a daredevil – among many other staggering speakers – will take us on a fact-finding journey of limits and beyond.

Ian Usher: A life sold on eBay

Quit your job, get rid of what you have, go travelling and start a new life. What remains a recurring romantic idea that is never considered a real option for many became a life decision for Ian Usher.  In 2008, he went for the full program in an utmost spectacular, public way: He sold everything he owned on eBay – including his house, car and job . After successfully getting rid of material and immaterial belongings – he even sold “arrangements to meet his friends” online – he started his journey with a bucket list of 100 life goals to achieve in a self-imposed timeframe of 100 weeks. What does one do after giving everything up? Basically, anything they like – among many other things, including a journey through 6 continents. Ian Usher has met and crossed many borders – geographical ones as a traveller and adventurer, but also personal and social ones – by giving up what he had and what most of us consider to be the norm, in order to start something new.

“Unlimited” at TEDxVienna on November 2nd

To get the chance to listen to and meet Ian Usher register now for our 2013 conference taking place on the 2nd of November at the Volkstheater. Some of the other international speakers that will guide us on our exploration of limits are the “Father of the Pill” Carl Djerassi and Aubrey de Grey, the man who fights ageing and death. Secure your early bird ticket now.

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