Time to shatter some illusions!

In many cases we are so convinced that we know the truth about a certain topic that we therefore stop questioning it any further.

But it is vital that we keep investigating and constantly evaluating our beliefs, because otherwise we are likely to be fooled, and you know what? Sometimes we might not even notice.  This can’t happen to you? That is exactly what our ancestors thought. And, by the way, the world is not flat. We do not actually only use 10 percent of our brains. Mars is not red and you cannot really see the Great Wall of China from space. All former illusions, some might even call them fake news…

Climate change is not really real?!

A very common belief, nowadays even coming from the so-called leader of the free world. Truth is, it is very real and getting more and more every minute. Millions of people’s lives are threatened by the results of the very real effects of climate phenomena such as global warming and extreme weather conditions. Everybody knows Al Gore’s talk, why not look at the importance of climate change as a threat to human rights:

Men and Women are equal?! Think again!

It is a sad truth that people (yes, including women) often sigh and roll their eyes when the conversation turns into the direction of feminism. But we should not turn our backs on that topic, just because it has been around for such a long time and it can become uncomfortable sometimes. For generations women fought for the right to equality, and lots of progress has been accomplished. But the truth is, globally, women still make only 77 cents to every dollar men earn. Let Michael Kimmel remind you why gender equality is good for everyone and why this glass ceiling needs to come down:

Refugees? We cannot take them all! What Bullsh*t!

So many people on the move, so many people in desperate need of a new home, so many people. An unprecedented 65.6 million people around the world have been forced from home. And who are we to deny them access to our countries? What does “our countries” even mean? A popular topic in today’s elections around the world. David Miliband calls our attention to the fact that there is a big chance that at some point in time your family was probably in search of a better home for themselves (or better, for yourselves) and calls this refugee crisis a test for our character:


These are, of course, only three topics that keep coming up, although we think that we know all the answers and have all the solutions. Especially in times like now, when the internet grants us access to the whole knowledge of the world, it is important to examine what is true and what is false (ly conceived).

We should never stop questioning the world around us, and most of all, your very own beliefs.



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