OUT&ABOUT: Stadtbiotop – the container town with charm

Welcome to our brandnew series of blog posts OUT&ABOUT, in which we, the TEDxVienna bloggers,  want to share our newest discoveries of  spots, events and projects in Vienna and Austria with you. And we have to honestly admit that we could be worse off than working through our personal bucket lists! This time we visited the flea market on the 31.1 at the Stadtbiotop, a project from BOXIRCUS.

An urban marketspace

“Think out of the box” is the central credo of the Stadtbiotop near the WU campus close to the U-Bahn station Krieau. Well, the boxes are more containers arranged in a circle. And the basic concept of a vivid living space where people meet, relax, shop and enjoy life’s pleasure is more than welcome in this still business-like, cold and little bit sterile area of the city, with all its newly built buildings.
The boxes are used as creative spaces where young designers and established brands present side by side their treasures. The concept originates from BOXIRCUS, a mobile sale and exhibition platform offering individuel pop up shops in form of containers. Exhibitors can still apply to get a box of their desired size on the Stadtbiotop website!

The flea market – Events, workshops and exhibitions at the Stadtbiotop

As versatile these boxes are, the composition of the urban space is varying over time, allowing to host events, exhibitions and flea markets like last sunday’s lifestyle flea market that we attended. Overall the area is still small, not overcrowed and thus feels cosy! The boxes gave us the feeling of entering individual small shops, with vintage clothes and jewelries hang up on the walls, compared to the ordinary flea market stands where the shopping is more comparable to digging in unmanageable piles of clothes. After spending enough money, always more than one thinks, we sat down to enjoy some coffee and see the sun go down.

The oasis

For those who want to relax can submerse in the tents of Travel Shack’s Hideaway with drinks, music and burgers. Prices are average and not over the top and the waiters were in a good temper, which is not to take for granted considering the viennese charm. Sadly the Hideaway will close but according to their facebook page open up for special events  until mid-February. So keep yourself updated on their facebook page! If you missed the last events, in spring there is also the possibility to do some gardening using their urban gardening beds. And looking back on 2014 a year full with events at the Stadtbiotop, spanning from a Genussmarkt, Yoga classes, the WetterFEST to a christmas market, there certainly will be occasions to drop by at the Stadtbiotop or you just drop by anyway (opening hours 12:00 to 24:00).

Image 1 – Lisa Landskron
Image 2 – Alexandra Manoliu
Image 3 – Boxircus
Image 4 – Lisa Landskron

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