The Fight of Inner-Self

What if…..

What if you lived in a world without doubts about your future? A world where everything is planned out for you? A Utopia in which life runs without failure. If a problem seems to arise it will simply be taken care of and corrected. For the sake of life to thrive one must rid the country of mistakes.

As far as Theo is concerned the world he lives in is free from mistakes and imbalances. All citizens of Region 1 take life for granted and all they know is all they have been generously given. For Theo that means a spacious home for him, his older brother Marth and his parents, and a guaranteed job at any corporation of Region 1, but only provided he successfully graduates from the Academy of Region 1. Which will be in the near future seeing as how he has been placed on the Academy’s Honour Roll early for excellent scholastic achievements. Everyone dreams of working for Region 1. They provide for you and expect you to support them in return. “For the continuous prosperity of Region 1 that is how life is to be lived. Failure is unacceptable and will be punished by displacement.”

But at times Theo dreams of going against his Region’s demands. He dreams of a life full of risks and uncertainty. For seventeen years he has lived in his Region and is slowly starting to doubt the choices that have been made for him.

Not one person in Region 1 would even think of jeopardizing their planned out life. It rarely happens, but when one tries to go against the rules those few individuals are displaced to Region 2 to improve themselves. There they are re-educated and return, only to resume positions in menial labour due to their failure. That is the only solution for the displaced ones to learn and to make sure others don’t follow the same mistakes.

Marth’s graduation from the Academy is in a few days, from then on he will be appointed a corporate position and will be serving as a proud member of society in Region 1. Theo wishes his brother well, but is concerned about his own future.

Since all students are obliged to attend the same Academy, a path known as the “Road to Academia” was constructed in the inner city. It was a wide path, befitting for the numerous young students of Region 1, which would lead them to the gates of the Academy, where they must insert their identification tokens at the counting machines. If a student were to miss class, officials would be prompted to visit that student’s house and question their absence. “For no reason other than severe illness is a student allowed to abstain the joys of education at the Academy of Region 1. ”

Lost in his thoughts about what would await him in the future Theo mistakenly leaves his i.T on his working desk, which only occurs to him before reaching the Road to Academia. After reading his wrist watch Theo hurriedly runs back to his house, he still has 10 minutes remaining until the gates close. After the boy’s frantic marathon, and with the token in his hands Theo rushes back. Luckily he sees some late-comers approach the Road that is still a few running steps ahead of him. Other than the students, Theo spots a person, whom he has never seen around Region 1. A female who is not in uniform. He watches her as she is being captured by the officials, who seem to have been chasing her. For the first time in his life an irregularity in his world had taken place. As he stood there the girl, who was about to be forcefully detained, set her eyes on Theo and all he could do was read the cry for help from her lips.

It merely took seconds for Theo’s constrained and mundane life to change. In a few seconds he had witnessed a flaw in the government’s system, in a few seconds he saw a person publically resist authority, and in one moment every part of his body urged him to follow his instincts and fight for something.


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