One year and 500 thousand Lego pieces later

Some call it inspiration, others call it a gift, there’s a few that even name it genius after it has sunk in for a while. The feeling of waking up one day and realizing you’ve been doing it wrong and should just focus on the vision you’ve always had through the years, that’s a great feeling. It makes you move mountains and break the rules of the game. It’s exactly what came through my head when watching this video:

I knew from the beginning this project is definitely worth spreading and sharing with the world and who else could better introduce the project, but its own creator? I had the great opportunity to have a short chat with Raul Oaida about his experience and here’s what I found out:

What is the #superawesomemicroproject all about?

Let’s say you’re a teenager living in a country with many opportunities, but little chance of reaching the place where you can actually accomplish your dreams. Maybe your dreams are too big, maybe the country is too small. Or maybe it’s just a matter of time before others around you make you realize what you’ve been dreaming of is impossible. Luckily enough, nobody had the chance to tell you that, so you have no idea what is impossible and what not.

If you had pitched #superawesomemicroproject to almost anybody I know, they would have told you it can’t be made and that a car built out of 500 thousand Lego pieces which runs on air, might be the craziest idea they’ve heard in a while. But it took “two kids that are still playing with Legos” and the right amount of believers, as its 20 year old inventor Raul Oaida described, to show the world that it is indeed possible. For a person who’s learned how to build a jet engine (and a rocket, for that matter) online and found his partner on social media after sending out over 1000 mails in 3 months, he’s the proof that there is no such thing as “dreaming too big” when you have a vision. His vision is to build up towards becoming an astronaut and conquering the New Frontier.


How does a life-size Lego car help you achieve your dream?

It creates curiosity and generates buzz. It spreads out the word that you’re young, you’re hungry to do more and this is just the beginning of a long series of inventions. You have probably not seen anybody doing this before in such an unconventional way and displaying his creative abilities in the process. Raul says that he’s making backwards steps on “everything that comes between impossible and now” to reach his ambitions. Right now he’s raising capital for a new project that will bring him even closer to what he wants.

The pace of the steps sometimes changes, but the path remains the same. So, what is your idea worth spreading to the world today?

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