The future of our food @ Pioneers Festival 2016

“It’s absolutely a number one priority to cooperate with startups to create an environment where we can facilitate private investments, where we can secure the founders to found their companies in our country and can finance them in our country. So that’s of utmost importance.” (Federal Chancellor of Austria Christian […]

you are what you eat

You are what you eat: Food coops in Austria

Nobody likes being lied to. In times where horse meat is happily equated with beef and so-called organic food is actually produced in large-scale factories and under horrific circumstances, trust and faith in food retailers have suffered severely. Even kids like 11-year-old Birke Baehr begin to question the world’s food […]

The Urban Farming Guys – Vitalize your city!

… is a living experiment taking place in one of the most blighted areas of the US. About 20 families left their comfortable suburban homes and moved into a new, but uncertain future. Surrounded by crime, unemployment and collective hopelessness, they share a clear and ambitious vision: “… to empower […]