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How to overcome the walls of the Austrian startup scene

I believe in horses. The car is only a temporary phenomenon. Willhelm II, 1905 640KB ought to be enough for everyone. Bill Gates Everything that can be invented has been invented. Charles H. Duell, commissioner, US Office of Patents, 1899 Innovation is crucial for change to occur. The father of entrepreneurship, Joseph Schumpeter, […]

Is Mobile Electricity taking over Modern Electricity?

Being a resident of the small city you have probably noticed a couple of what appear to be gas station-like stops, across the busy streets of Schwedenplatz or downtown the shopping areas in Mariahilfer Straße. These spots are reserved for electric cars or bicycle owners to juice up their means […]

The other face of … flea markets

We all know it has to be done from time to time, even though it’s quite hard for some and results in anxiety attacks for others. It can be painful. Unnerving. It may involve tears. But it’s also healthy – and in some cases (Hey there, hoarders!) even necessary. You […]

Alternative Ways of Living with “Wohnwagon” 1

A long time ago, our ancestors decided it was time to stop the nomad life and settle down. This marked an important milestone in the history of human civilization. Many, many years later, it seems that people are ready for something different and alternative forms of living and housing such […]