Social Media by Photo by Cristiaan Colen

Would you start anonymous blogging?

Blogging is all the rage nowadays. People love showcasing their art, passion or personal thoughts in carefully-planned blog posts. However, with a growing audience come growing response & responsibility. That is why more and more internet users have decided to venture into anonymous blogging. Why keep it on the down […]

TEDxVienna is looking for great bloggers 2

TEDxVienna is looking for creative minds with strong distinctive voices that sound good in writing! What exactly we mean by that? We are seeking five new members for our bloggers’ team! Are you interested in TED, TEDx and writing? Then we cannot think of a better place for you to be, than in […]

Blogparade – Ab zum Event geht es für …

Unsere Blog- und Facebook-Parade war sehr erfolgreich. Es sind sehr schöne Talks verlinkt worden, die man gesehen haben sollte! Dass viele Menschen mitgemacht haben ist eine tolle Sache und wir bedanken uns sehr bei euch allen. Leider hat der Ansturm einen kleinen Haken: Nicht alle Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmer können vom […]