Could you be a minimalist?

The minimalist Trend Being the best version of your own self is in. Eating clean, working out and spreading positivity is the current big trend. Staying abstinent from junk food and steering clear of buying unnecessary junk has become increasingly important to the modern individual. Decluttering your life is what many […]

What if you were forced to flee?

For all of us having spent summer 2015 in Athens, Italy or Spain, the refugee crisis was never only a rigid statistical graph or some abstract numbers flickering on a television screen. Since the probability of us being born in a country falling apart is only a bat of an […]

The way we think about charity is dead wrong

Change is what people talk about, what they expect and fortunately what they seem to be more and more willing to engage into for the sake of a financially stable and homogeneous society. Whenever they can’t get involved directly, non-profit organizations can do it for them and so everybody’s happy. But what if […]

Bauern helfen Bauern – Das Einzige, was die Armut beseitigen kann, ist miteinander zu teilen.

    Mitte der 90er Jahre erzählte mir ein Klassenkollege von seinem Traum den LKW Führerschein zu machen, um das Hilfsprojekt Bauern helfen Bauern unterstützen zu können. Damals konnte ich nicht viel damit anfangen, außer das oberösterreichische Bauern einen LKW mit Hilfsgütern füllen und dieser von Freiwilligen in die Krisenregion […]