digital world

From A to B doing C: A society in motion

Imagine a world where your car drives you to work in the morning and picks you up in the evening, where an app tells you which public transport route is the least crowded at the moment, where you scan your environment for interesting stuff via your glasses while walking down the […]

New Years

The surprising need for strangeness

  “Don’t talk to strangers” has been a societal norm for centuries now, that we’ve quietly accepted and implemented into our lives in almost every level of interaction to other people. Google the word “strangers” on Google Images and you get the best visualization of the norm. And even though […]

Talk of the Week – Aleph Molinari: Let’s bridge the digital divide!

Inspired by Larisa, one of our dedicated TEDxBloggers, the talk of the week takes a look on the digital world, which isn’t really mirroring our whole world, but is rather a reflection of certain parts of it.   Aleph Molinari speaks about the 5 billion people around the world, who […]