Do you broadcast your intellect?

Stereotyping happens. And it happens a lot. Far too often, an individual’s degree of intellect is estimated on account of their looks. Whilst the majority of people agree that stereotyping is wrong and judgemental, it can also serve as a means of protection. Another way of looking at stereotypes is […]

Imagine all the people sharing all the world

  Have you ever dreamed of making a road trip through the Ukraine? Or meeting your favorite author on the other side of the atlantic ocean? Or seeing the world through the eyes of an insect? Well, imagination triggered by fiction can take you on the nicest journey and Elif […]

Feminisierung der Technologie – Mz Baltazar´s Laboratory

Zugegeben: Technologie ist männlich. Dieser Umstand ist geschichtlich bedingt weil die Frauen sehr spät Zugang zur Bildung bekommen haben. Als Isaac Newton die Gravitationsgesetze zusammengefasst hat, konnten nur junge Frauen aus adeligen Familien in Klosterschulen Lesen und Schreiben lernen.