Back to the Future: Food Stories

A popular pub sign sometimes reads… ‘because a good story never started with a salad’. While there are sure to be a number of capable writers able to start a good story with a salad, most would be inclined to believe in the ‘pub-ism’. However, food tells its own story. […]

Sustainability at the heart of ‘green’ TEDx Vienna 2018

With a focus on reducing single-use plastics, serving responsibly-sourced food and recycling as much waste as possible, this year’s TEDx Vienna is set to become the most sustainable edition yet. Kathi Buiten, who is overseeing TEDx Vienna’s sustainability efforts as part of the project management team, talks to the TEDx […]

Fed up with global hunger

3.100.000 children die each year because they didn’t have enough to eat (UNICEF, 2018a). 3.100.000 times mothers went into labor unaware of the fact that they will lose their baby to malnutrition. Think of all the untouched cribs, the blank schoolbooks, the first kisses that never were. The graduation hats […]

Me vs. my body –
An interview about bulimia

Sarah (*name changed to protect anonymity) pushes aside a strand of soft, long hair and focuses thoughtfully on a little ink stain on her left index finger. She sits across from me curled up on a heavy, gray couch, between us two cups of still steaming tea. And my recording […]

Avoid activism, try attractivism! 1

Defining activism As defined in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, activism is a doctrine or practice that emphasizes direct vigorous action especially in support of or opposition to one side of a controversial issue. Most of us have come across various forms of political or environmental activism. Generally, activism has to do with promoting, […]

No waste, no worries

This month our blog is all about the edge. Right now it feels like our society is on the edge of deciding what world we want to live in and what world we want to leave behind. A big challenge we are facing right now is waste. Strangely we seem […]

What do locals miss in Vienna? 2

To improve urban spaces and make cities more enjoyable, citizens need to be empowered to change their own environment. The first step in this process is to explore and define what we, the inhabitants of our cities, are lacking. During the CITYx conference, we asked YOU what is missing in […]

Artificial meat and the future of food at UNLIMITED

We are insatiable. We all like to eat what, when and where we want. Nowadays, food travels quite a bit, so that a customer in any European country can consume all fruits and vegetables at all seasons. Mango, passion fruit, lychee …you name it, can be found in most supermarkets. […]

you are what you eat

You are what you eat: Food coops in Austria

Nobody likes being lied to. In times where horse meat is happily equated with beef and so-called organic food is actually produced in large-scale factories and under horrific circumstances, trust and faith in food retailers have suffered severely. Even kids like 11-year-old Birke Baehr begin to question the world’s food […]