Highly contagious: Sparking ideas

You have experienced it: things go viral. You have seen how Gangnam Style repeatedly flooded your Facebook news feed and how the Harlem Shake was recreated in yet another way. While the spreading of these videos seems trivial, the underlying principles of such viral behavior are far away from being […]

The development of a new species – Homo Evolutis

  Did it ever occur to you that you have less time than you’ve had 10 years ago? While emphasizing our constant need for control (of the schedule, of our lives, of nature and basically, of our planet) things have developed into this fast need for INSTANITY that keeps us […]

Symmetry – finding rules and exceptions

Ever found yourself gazing upon the wonders of nature while taking a walk in the woods? Looking amazed at the architectonic creations of a medieval or 18th-19th century built city? If you seek for similarities in these two very different types of places, you will find that they are connected […]