Conversation #6 Postpartum Depression and Anxiety

The happiest day of your life? A lot of women describe the birth of their children as the happiest days in their life. Mothers across the world swear that nothing makes you happier than holding your baby for the first time. Watching all of your child’s first steps and first […]

How to Fix a Broken Heart

Where is the love? While love is in the air this month, not all of us is in the mood for it, especially if we’re going through a heartbreak. There are thousands of books and songs about it. Still it feels like none of them do justice to how you […]


Ayurveda – Science or Fiction?

Shirodhara: Just lay down and let the pouring warm oil over your forehead put you into a deep meditative state. Shirodhara is a form of Ayurveda therapy which helps ease your nervous system and gives feelings of pleasure and relaxation (see the image above).¬† We humans have a fascination with […]

There is an animal in you, too

Have you ever heard about the¬†Actor-Network Theory? Actor-Network Theory (ANT) is an approach to social theory. It was originally created by French scholars Bruno Latour and Michel Callon, and is an attempt to understand processes of technological innovation and scientific knowledge-creation. ANT is distinguished by its consideration of nonhuman actors […]