human evolution

A neuroscientific approach to spice up your life

Bachir Boumaaza, aka Athene on Youtube, a professional gamer from Belgium, gives prescious insights into neurological findings.  Whaaat? A gamer? Yep you heard right! I stumbled upon his video and for me it has been an eye opener and so I want to share his explanations about how to change disadvantageous dynamics that […]

On evolution, space and ex-prisoners – TEDxWarsaw “In a heartbeat”

  Can aromatic compounds teach you new recipes? Are we ready for Genetically Modified Humans? If NSA is number 2, which company is the number 1 employer of mathematicians? Are we interfering with our own evolution? When it comes to humans and smart devices – who is in charge of […]

The development of a new species – Homo Evolutis

  Did it ever occur to you that you have less time than you’ve had 10 years ago? While emphasizing our constant need for control (of the schedule, of our lives, of nature and basically, of our planet) things have developed into this fast need for INSTANITY that keeps us […]