Is language discrimination still a thing? 

We are in 2020 and, thankfully, in the past few decades more and more people have been drawing more attention to the problem of various kinds of discrimination. Citizens of the world slowly develop an understanding that we are all different, and that it is for our own sake to […]

When Old meets New in a Fandom

Fandoms can be found virtually anywhere. No matter whether it is a movie franchise, a music genre or a solo artist, there will be a fandom for it. Although the members of such tight-knit communities feel a sense of belonging in their new found families, the initial struggle to fit […]

#TBT: Your 3 favourite TEDxBlog articles of 2014

At TEDxVienna, we care not just about spreading ideas presented at our talks. Our bloggers challenge themselves regularly with the quest of finding interesting stories and curious pieces of information which strike a chord – with you. Thanks to the invention of #TBT we now get the chance to look […]

Scientists are ignorant

Intense research activities in life sciences, information technologies and urban studies have transformed Vienna into one of the most important European research and development hubs. More than 20 000 scientists perform their ignorant magic in Viennese universities, research institutes and companies and 2.8 billion Euros are invested in research every […]