What working with children can teach us about leadership

Working with people can be difficult. Those who have ever found themselves in a leadership position know that people can have different types of work ethic, different habits, different preferences or completely different reality perception. They might not respect deadlines, avoid work or start conflicts for reasons that elude your […]

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On The Edge

20 speakers. 20 TEDxTalks. 20 stories you have never heard before. 5 performances to give your mind a break, and 16 interactive stations to exercise it to its ultimate limits. This TEDxVienna conference won’t be like the ones before. For 2017, our team aimed to shine some light on innovations […]

I share, therefore I am…?

Almost a decade ago, sociologists, physiologists and technology experts were rushing into predicting the future of the Internet and online communication. And here we are, facing an unconscious need of taking a step back, seeing the bigger picture and checking whether their predictions were valid or not.

Feminisierung der Technologie – Mz Baltazar´s Laboratory

Zugegeben: Technologie ist männlich. Dieser Umstand ist geschichtlich bedingt weil die Frauen sehr spät Zugang zur Bildung bekommen haben. Als Isaac Newton die Gravitationsgesetze zusammengefasst hat, konnten nur junge Frauen aus adeligen Familien in Klosterschulen Lesen und Schreiben lernen.