5 predictions from 1984 by Nicholas Negroponte

1984 was the year French immunologist, Dr. Luc Montagnier identified the AIDS virus, but also the year genetic fingerprinting or DNA profiling was developed to later become the main method for forensic scientists to otain evidence in a crime. Same year, the pop culture wins three more of its best […]

Table Connect – A Dream Come Touch

About the talk You and I might pass by a black glass table with a chrome edge on a daily basis. It might be the office conference room table. But when Austrian filmmaker Nino Leitner walked into designer Lucas Triebl’s office, his first thought was, “This looks like a giant […]

EyeEm – communicating through mobile photography

At first glance, when looking over the EyeEm website you discover a beautiful mobile app that allows you to upload pictures, share them with the world and discover a variety of similar photos from other users (let’s say the app “learns what you love from the pictures you take”). You […]