Florian Brody – Digital Media Memory Places

About the talk Entering the Social Media era of mankind less books are going to be printed and sooner or later they will disappear. Considering the fact that history is written only in books, are we entering no-history times?

Alexander Oswald – Why Kenyans do it better 1

About the talk Western society is provided with the latest mobile devices, apps etc. Social Media, Cloud Computing, Web 3.0 and many more: we are convinced to have the best means to produce and create output. But wait a minute… looking at the telecommunication market what about these fancy app-social-media-marketing campaigns? […]

Screening der Cannes Rolle 2011 mit TEDxVienna [19.August 2011 | 17.00 Uhr]

Nach dem großen Erfolg des TED Global Live Streaming das wir Mitte Juli hatten, ladet TEDxVienna kommende Woche zu einem weiteren Event in Zusammenarbeit mit der Agency 4e7: die Cannes Rolle 2011. Ein exklusives Screening der besten Werbungen aus aller Welt, als ein weiterer Schritt zur TEDxVienna Konferenz.