A positive reflection to end the unforgettable year of 2020   Recently updated !

In a couple of days, 2020 will come to an end. You may have read that with a sigh of relief, as 2020 seems to have gained a reputation as what may be considered one of the world’s most chaotic years yet. There’s no doubt that we were faced daily […]


Not all grown-up yet?
Don’t worry: You’re not supposed to be

Kids are not young adults. Well, we already knew that. And we knew that this is especially true for young children. What we did not know is that not only are kids’ brains different from adult ones, the brains of adolescents are too. So, teenagers don’t just act selfishly and […]

Choose your bigger picture

What is guiding your bigger picture? With the start of a new year, the collective eagerness of taking a step back and submitting our lives to immense scrutiny is surely underway. Gaining perspective can be a powerful tool when used accordingly. Without delving into value systems, goals, and discriminating against different ways […]