positive disruption


Hack Your City!

  Hacking the City to Make it Work The citizens of Mexico City had grown tired of waiting for their government to make good on its 2007 pledge to build 300km of bicycle lanes within the next five years. On November 6, 2011, a group of cycling and pedestrian advocates, […]

New Years

Kick out your boss!

Positively disrupting corporate working concepts   “Kick out your boss” is what Elisabeth Scharang, Austrian director and author, demands in her new film about self-governed companies and new forms of corporate cooperation that takes her from a design collective in Graz to Vojvodina and further to Brazil. And clearly, her work […]

Your turn to create a positive disruption!

  Melinda Gates: “Positive Disruption really comes down to courage.” On the 3rd of April, TEDxChange set the spotlight on risk-takers, do-ers and factivists who dare to speak out on an international stage about preconceived, controversial and pressing issues around the globe, and most importantly who are not afraid to believe that […]