roman braun

Roman Braun – The Non Trivial Side of Happiness

Roman Braun is Master-Coach of the ICF (International Coach Federation) and NLP-Master-Trainer. He received his education in NLP directly from the developers of the psychotherapy approach: Richard Bandler and John Grinder, alongside personalities like Paul Watzlawick, Bert Hellinger and Steve de Shazer. Braun compiled an NLP method of his own, […]


Roman Braun – The Non Trivial Side of Happiness

About the talk ‘What is the meaning of life?’ Haven’t we all asked us that question before and keep it asking throughout our lives facing all kind of set-backs and happy moments? Talking of happiness, this seems to be the goal for many people, but what that really means is a […]

Third round of confirmed speakers for TEDxVienna 2011

  Our third row of speakers is here, adding to the line-up for the 22nd of October! This time we have chosen carefully among the propositions sent by many of you on Twitter, deliberated and finally made our decision. So here is our “Twitter-Speaker” and two other extraordinary personalities: