Why the Digital did not kill the Analog

102 years ago, Wolfgang Riepl a German classical scholar and journalist, formulated a hypothesis concerning the disappearing of media. According to Riepl, new media technologies tend to drive the old ones out of the market since they reshape trends in offer and demand, changing the products people need – or […]

Why don’t you put your camera on a leash?

When Joseph Nicéphore Niepce in 1826 produced the first known photograph made with a camera (by exposing an asphalt coated paper for eight hours), little did he expect that less than 200 years later the world would host flying camera drones.

#SELFIEPORN – more than a sexy lie?

Taking selfies is becoming an all-too-common practice in today’s western society. Widely associated with selfish behavior, it is often seen as representative of the Generation Y‘s attitude towards life. As the genre rises, it seems to cross borders of generations and already took it’s place at the center of society. […]