Ideas worth saving

Working on an invention requires energy, time and emotion. It occupies each and every aspect of your life, tests your limits and pushes you forward on a professional and personal level. Eventually, it results into your very own piece of full-hearted mental and physical work; your very own piece of intellectual property. But […]

pic'd surfing

pik’d – a new Austrian-Chilean startup helps you pick the cherries of your GoPro footage

Ready. Ride. Review. The startup scene just got a bit brighter with the entrance of the new kids on the block – pik’d. The Austrian co-founders Moritz and Clemens met during their studies in International Economics in Innsbruck, Austria. The two sports geeks realized pretty quickly that all the footage they captured with their […]

A chat about innovation & business with Boris Marte, Head of Erste Hub

The elevator opens for the third floor. We rush for our appointment and at the entrance, above the doorbell we read:   Poem: In the middle of the journey of our life, I found myself in a dark wood with the right road lost We are at Erste Hub – […]

European Startup Festival: 50 Startups reaching for the top

  Besides the fact that our TEDxVienna Event will launch pretty soon, there is additional  excitement going on this month: Startup Week. Right now it’s all about a five-day conference with focus on Startups from Central and Eastern Europe that takes place in Vienna. Topics besides others: Design, Digital Media, […]