Street Art

Calle Libre
Urban Aesthetics in Vienna

“He is my biggest fan”, Renacho smiles and points at one of the windows of the vis-à-vis building. “He brought me snacks and even a beer while I was working in the summer heat”. The man who lives in Felberstraße 110, 1150 Vienna, who brought Renacho a cold beverage during his […]

Ode to the Odds # 6:
The many faces of public art

Hey art lovers and those of the curious kind! This post is for you! Have you ever found yourself walking down a Viennese street, stumbling upon a stunning contraption of sorts, wondering what the heck it is? Well, I can say with ninety-eight percent certainty that it was probably an […]

Exploring Street Art with Martha Cooper

One day before her talk at this year’s TEDxVienna event I got to chat with our wonderful speaker Martha Cooper about her work and what it means to be OUT THERE. Having documented graffiti and street art in New York from its very beginnings, her book “Subway Art” is now known […]

Painting the Urban Landscape. Viennese Street Art, made by Rabbits.

When Vienna-based street artists happen to fall down the rabbit hole, they often find themselves in the depths of the capital’s bureaucratic labyrinth. Spinning the thread that holds their network together demands spirit, power and energy. It demands a movement. The Rabbit Eye Movement (REM) at Gumpendorferstaße 91 It all […]

City 2.0 Talks: Gregor Wiltschko, Ilkim Erdost and Nicholas Platzer

If you want to change the city, go out and meet it. The thread connecting the final three talks at this year’s TEDxVienna City 2.0 event is the critical importance (and surprising infrequency) of engagement on the part of change agents with the city itself.

This was TEDxVienna City 2.0

On September 20th, TEDx Vienna brought on stage the issue of the “Unfinished City”. It brought cities as verbs and processes as much as nouns and places. Throughout the evening, prominent designers, architects, educators, and change makers delivered talks on smart cities and changing paradigms of urban planning, bicycle urbanism, […]

Peaceful Protests Reshaping Vienna (Part 2 of 2): Street Art

    From Mexico City and Bogotá to Melbourne, Bristol, and Orgosolo, people whose voices would otherwise remain unheard use art to protest subjugation, corruption, exploitation, hypocrisy, segregation, and despair. They choose for their canvases the walls of the city. Street art has long been an act of protest that […]

‘Women are Heroes’ – Street Art Festival startet mit TED Prize 2011 Dokumentation

Kann ein Street Art Festival besser starten, als mit einem Projekt, das die Armenviertel der Welt mit Street Art ins Rampenlicht der Weltöffentlichkeit gerückt hat? Die Rede ist vom BLK River Festival und dem französischen Street Artist JR, dem aufgrund seines beeindruckenden Projekts der TED Prize 2011 verliehen wurde, der mit […]