What working with children can teach us about leadership

Working with people can be difficult. Those who have ever found themselves in a leadership position know that people can have different types of work ethic, different habits, different preferences or completely different reality perception. They might not respect deadlines, avoid work or start conflicts for reasons that elude your […]

A school about everything

Everybody is talking about lifelong learning and how important it is. A whole generation is growing up with the mindset to never stop developing, professionally and personally. Still, if you finish your studies and look around for new exciting things to learn, you will discover that there is not much […]

Transforming the understanding of teaching

What comes to mind when you hear the word studying? A vast majority of current students would probably say something along the lines of boring, takes too much energy, lack of motivation, unnecessary, too difficult… There is a general view of misinterpreted concepts ruling the thoughts of those who are […]