Behind On The Edge

It’s 6:30 and it’s way too early for a Saturday. A TEDxVienna event day starts at 7:30 at Volkstheater. At least, for the team. And we’ll be there the whole day until the evening. So, first: coffee. (Since I’m on the edge of falling asleep again already…) At a TEDx […]

TEDxVienna is looking for new members 3

TEDxVienna is looking for creative, dedicated minds to join our team. We aim at inspiring the TEDxVienna community and wish to spread sparkling ideas by offering a stage for amazing projects and people. Sounds good to you? Then please apply for one of our available positions and get ready to […]

TEDxVienna is looking for great bloggers 2

TEDxVienna is looking for creative minds with strong distinctive voices that sound good in writing! What exactly we mean by that? We are seeking five new members for our bloggers’ team! Are you interested in TED, TEDx and writing? Then we cannot think of a better place for you to be, than in […]