TED conference

Speaking about Speakers! Meet the Speakers Liasion Team.

The conference is getting closer and every day we are getting more and more excited. Every year, all of the TEDxVienna teams work tog ether to create an exciting and inspiring experience. The part we all look forward to the most? The talks of course! But have you ever wondered […]

10 ways designer Vivienne Westwood fights for change

Vivienne Westwood, the 73 year-old, orange-haired fashion icon, is one of the most anticipated speakers at the TEDxAmRing conference on May 30th in Vienna. Not only is she one of the world’s most important designers and influencers, Vivienne Westwood is also a political activist and fighter for environmental issues. „It’s […]

Take-aways from TEDxVienna Livestream Event

The 27th of July proved us once again, we’re standing on the shoulders of giants. Thinkers from various fields took us on a lovely tour behind the scenes of research and innovation. We learned from experts about the LONG TERM benefits of RADICAL OPENNESS at the TEDxVienna Live Streaming Event from […]