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Vik Muniz’s photos play with perception and contradictions

  Art has throughout history served several purposes – to create a representation of reality, convey political statements or simply provide a beautiful treat for your eye. However, art can also have the intention to shock, question or push boundaries. A famous example of provoking and controversial pieces comes from […]

Scientists act a lot like … nature

The human body often needs to regenerate itself after suffering injuries, from small ones like skin wounds to ones that need a lot of effort for the it to fix the harm such as liver transplants or even lung regeneration for smokers. And in many cases it, the results are […]

Think again!

Four full days under one imperative: Think Again! Yes, this was TEDGlobal 2013 happening this year in Edinburgh. On June, 12th we gathered at Schikaneder for the live cast from TEDGlobal. The sessions – Money talks and Listening the nature brought us excellent speakers to inspire us to change our perspective, ask the right questions and […]