TEDxVienna City 2.0

City 2.0 Talks: Nathan De Groot and Michael Badics

A fine balance between trees and concrete… Is that all we can say about a perfect city? Perhaps perfection lies in the city’s imperfection and its constantly changing façade that inhabitants can interact with as they go about their daily lives.

City 2.0 Talks: Florian Lorenz and Ulfert Hoehne

As the poet Emily Dickinson famously wrote, there’s a certain slant of light. Head-on isn’t always the best angle from which to understand a problem, let alone tackle it. Find that certain slant of light, that angle askew, and the path through the dark forest reveals itself. The rough edges […]

City 2.0 Talks: Daniela Patti, Levente Polyak and Stefan Gruber

As we shape our cities, they shape us in return. Cities are not just conglomerations of buildings but living social networks, vibrating with life and dynamics. Pursuing the highest possible living quality within our urban environments is a task for which we all are responsible, but in order to achieve […]

This was TEDxVienna City 2.0

On September 20th, TEDx Vienna brought on stage the issue of the “Unfinished City”. It brought cities as verbs and processes as much as nouns and places. Throughout the evening, prominent designers, architects, educators, and change makers delivered talks on smart cities and changing paradigms of urban planning, bicycle urbanism, […]