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City 2.0 Talks: Nathan De Groot and Michael Badics

A fine balance between trees and concrete… Is that all we can say about a perfect city? Perhaps perfection lies in the city’s imperfection and its constantly changing façade that inhabitants can interact with as they go about their daily lives.

A few more things to expect at TEDxVienna 2013

Only a few more weeks to go before the TEDxVienna UnlimiTED conference, which is why it’s important to not only talk about the last of the great selection of speakers who will be in Vienna on November 2 but also introduce some of the amazing interactive experiences that will accompany this year’s […]

Banana plastic and vegetable music at TEDxVienna UNLIMITED

Vegetables are great. They are healthy, they are tasty. They are grown and sold everywhere. They come in all shapes and colours, and they make perfect musical instruments. Yes, you read right – music played on instruments made of fresh vegetables, that’s the concept of the first and only Vegetable […]