What would you ask
a blind traveller?

The day before The first time I met blind traveller Tony Giles and his girlfriend Tatiana was the night before his TEDxVienna Talk- he was nervous, excited and indecisive whether they should get the Ravioli or the Gulash for dinner. The first thing that came to my mind was that […]

TEDxVienna members OUT THERE: Things I’ve learned on vacation

Vacations are wonderful. The oceans, the blue skies, the carefree atmosphere. Everything about escaping day to day life feels amazing and fills a true traveller’s heart with pure gratitude. However, there are also moments abroad which teach you valuable life lessons. We may be well aware of most of these […]

What’s up, travelers? – An Interview with Georg Ziegler of HolidayCheck

We all love travelling and we use different platforms as well as other online services to compare prizes, check out locations and exchange user experiences. TEDxVienna had the opportunity to sit down with Georg Ziegler, content director at HolidayCheck, and talk about the developments, requirements, and goals of the largest […]