Three ways to experience TEDxVienna

Most people know TEDx conferences from watching TEDx Talks on YouTube. Some might have even seen particularly interesting ones at university or at school. However, the conference experience itself is seldom talked about and with this article, we seek to change that. I have interviewed three very different people who […]

O Home, where art thou?
Vienna through the eyes of the homeless.

Vienna, ranked “the most livable city”, is often associated with music, art and coffee… but let us scratch the beautiful surface and see what is hiding underneath. Although Vienna houses a wide mix of people, there are some that you probably have looked at, chosen to not really see and […]

Volunteers wanted for TEDxVienna Brave New Space

Because the TEDx experience cannot be properly conveyed in words for one to truly understand the amazing feeling at the end of a TEDxVienna event, we invite you to live it yourself. Join the TEDxVienna team and help us organize one of this year’s most waited for conferences in Vienna “Brave New […]