Talk of the week – Bryan Stevenson: We need to talk about an injustice

Call it a financial crisis, an economic crisis or an identity crisis. In order to understand present problems and combat global challenges we have to understand who we are. History may be something about the past, but it doesn’t lay in the past alone. Innovation  and creativity come from our mind and our heart which are fueled by some convictions, formed by identity resulting from our memories, experiences and the past. We need hope and inspiration to embrace the challenges we are facing and find a creative way and good solution to defy them.

Bryan Stevenson may be an idealist, but a hardworking one. He definitely doesn’t get tired of fighting for the good, as he promissed his grandma at the age of 9.  As a lawyer he can stand for a cause, that many of us have thought to be a lost one. For many justice is a sensitive term and utopian thought experiment, that finds it’s place in ethics and philosphy but not in the real world. For Stevenson and his grandma justice is an aim and it brings rescue from poverty.  We need to be more commited, more hopeful and more dedicated to the basic challenged of living in a complex world. It ain’t no easy, but it is good. COURAGE COURAGE COURAGE!


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